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Hi, you've found me! 

Welcome to the magical world of  

Anika Fields, wholesome slut. 


I've worked hard for this title. I spent years being shamed for my candid sexuality and responded by playing up the wholesome, neglecting the slut. I tried to put my sexual energy into "proper" outlets: I took every university class with the word "sexuality" in it. I poured myself into volunteer work around sexual health, sexual identity and supporting survivors of sexual violence. I read short stories about the reclamation of sexuality and countless sex work memoirs. I was never quite fulfilled.


When I moved to Vancouver I began befriending people who didn't judge my sexual proclivity, who appreciated me as I am. I had some wild, affirming adventures and learned that the shame I'd been carrying for years was never mine. I reclaimed the word "slut" as a proud part of my identity and reshaped my life to reflect that. Sex work has helped me fully embrace and grow into the multi-faceted, wholesome, shameless slut I am today. I am proud to share the person I've become with you! 


I still celebrate the wholesome; I love reading and writing and learning. I love lying in a field with a tall can of beer, a pen and some paper. I love being outside. Water moves me. Being in it, beside it, on top of it. I love camping and hiking and picnics and taking photos with my film camera.


I love activities that bring me to the present moment and that is one of the greatest delights of this work. The second you enter the room, we are all there is. I adore the way pleasure can draw us away from the world and into our bodies; nothing exists but your hand in my hair, my lips on your thigh. 


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Get to know me...

"One has many sexual experiences throughout life; for me that was hands down one of the best. Amazing chemistry, I cannot wait to repeat."

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